Using A Tablet PC in Thailand

Using A Tablet PC in Thailand

If you are going backpacking or traveling to Thailand a fantastic way of keeping in touch is with a Tablet PC. They are light, easy to use and tablets such as the Ipad have fantastic battery life. You can email, surf the web and much more instantly. The only draw back to using a tablet pc in Thailand is that using a tablet sim can prove very costly. But, do not despair the tablet pc is still a fantastic option!

In Thailand there is lots of wifi hotspots that will enable you to get online for free! There are many thailand wifi hotspots for you to use combinde with free producs such as skype meaning you can stay in touch with people back home for free.

I was on thailand a few weeks back and my tablet ipad was amazing, there was many local cafes and bars that I used to get on their wifi all for the price of a coffee. The hotel I stayed in had free wifi, this enabled my to skype friends and family back home at no extra cost. I did use my 3G on a few occasions but I would not recomend this unless it is only for an emergancy or you need to send important emails etc. My Tablet sim data plan was a pay per day option, this ment on a day I sent one email I was charged the full days data and being on the other side of the world it was £20 for 250MB data!

Quickly I started checking out all the free wifi hotspots and was online up to several hours per day for free in Thailand! The Ipad enabled me to save on broadband costs, mobile calling and incoming call and text charges! I feel the tablet pc is the future now!

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