Topping up a Phone in Thailand

Thailand Topup

So your in Thailand or Bangkok and want to top up a phone. There is lots of options but a network I wold recomend is AIS one 2 call. This is probably the best for value, coverage and customer services. In adition they have the maximum way for you when toping up a phone in Thailand.

Like every network you can have a prepay top up card and load credit onto this. You can also use ATM Bank points, Online Banking and Phnoe Banking if you have a smart phone. You can also top up directly from your phone via your credit card.

There is also Mpay, refil on your mobile, etop up (online), and SMS top up.

24 Hour Top Ups

You can top up your thailand mobile phone 24 hours a day by the following methods.

  • Etop Up
  • SMS
  • ATM
  • Phone Banking
  • Online Banking

More info can be found here