Thailand Sim From 0044

Sim From 0044

Sim From 0044

A good offer is the sim from 0044 which can give you calls from just 6p and no roaming charges! You will be on the 12call network. This is a Pay As You Go Option.

Price – £34.99
Credit -£6.00
Local Calls – 6p per minute
Same Network Calls – 6p per minute
Other Networks – 14 pence per minute
Local Text Message – 14 pence per minute
Calls to UK & Ireland From Thailand – 30 pence per minute
Call to America – 40 pence per minute
Call to Asia- 40 pence per minute
Call to Africa – 40 pence per minute
Incoming Texts – 16p

The Sim From 0044 offers a fantastic option for people to call you if you select this sim. From the UK They can call you for 1p per minute, and this is free for you to receive. The Number they call is 0844 869 0044. There is no registration required!

Incoming Calls – ‘FREE’

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