Traveling to Europe from Thailand

Recently I was emailed from a Thai student who was traveling from Thailand to Europe on a year out. He wa goinng to Italy, Germany, France, Sain, Portugal, London and then on to Dublin in Ireland were he had a 6 month contract with a parcel delivery company. He was looking a mobile phone sim card and broadband connection that would suit him throughout Europe. Unfortunatly there is not such a product as each country has their own networks and roming charges apply when you go from one country to another. Continue reading

Topping up a Phone in Thailand

Thailand Topup

So your in Thailand or Bangkok and want to top up a phone. There is lots of options but a network I wold recomend is AIS one 2 call. This is probably the best for value, coverage and customer services. In adition they have the maximum way for you when toping up a phone in Thailand. Continue reading

Mobiles in Thailand

Mobiles in thailand

If you got an unlocked mobile phone it is possible this will work for you in thailand provided you have the correct sim card when you get there. Telecoms are one of the more expensive things in Thailand so it is essential to prepare.

If however, you feel your mobile phone is too expensive to take traveling and you just want something cheap it is worth while exploring your options before you travel. Mobiles in Thailand as I have mentioned are on the costly side. However, if you visit companies such as carphone warehouse it is possible to get a basic pay go mobile phone from just £2.95. There is a small catch with this phone and that is you need to add a Tenner top up before you can own it! The reason why I suggest Continue reading

Using A Tablet PC in Thailand

Using A Tablet PC in Thailand

If you are going backpacking or traveling to Thailand a fantastic way of keeping in touch is with a Tablet PC. They are light, easy to use and tablets such as the Ipad have fantastic battery life. You can email, surf the web and much more instantly. The only draw back to using a tablet pc in Thailand is that using a tablet sim can prove very costly. But, do not despair the tablet pc is still a fantastic option!

Continue reading

Thailand Sim From 0044

Sim From 0044

Sim From 0044

A good offer is the sim from 0044 which can give you calls from just 6p and no roaming charges! You will be on the 12call network. This is a Pay As You Go Option.

Price – £34.99
Credit -£6.00
Local Calls – 6p per minute Continue reading

Story Sim Card

If you are traveling to thailand another good option is the story sim card. This will set you back £30 and you will get £25 credit. the story sim card is also known as a roaming sim card. Continue reading

Best Sim for Thailand

If you live in the UK or USA and are traveling to thailand you will find it very expensive to use your mobile phone. A good alternation is to get a global sim for Thailand. In order for this to work you will need to have you mobile phone unlocked, this is a fairly simple process if you know how!

A global sim in Thailand is better optained prior to leaving the UK. It will set you back £19.99 and you will get £10 credit. The tru membership is £19.99 gives you 1 month access to local services. This is the best sim for thailand as it is pay as you go and not a contract sim. You can also set the tru sim for thailand Continue reading